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We are leaders in advanced, sustainable and green clean-tech solutions:


Our systems are designed to be modular, plug & play and scalable, for rapid deployment on a global basis.


Utilizing patent pending and proprietary technologies, our water purification and desalinization technologies are up to 80% less costly than Reverse Osmosis (“RO”) solutions.


Our patent pending and proprietary pyrolysis and gasification technologies are the most advanced and efficient commercially available solutions on the market.


Zero emission, waste to energy systems, produce clean, green and renewable energy from a variety of feedstocks, including: scrap tires, waste plastic and agricultural waste.


Energy is deliverable in a variety of forms including, but not limited to: electricity, methane, zero carbon diesel, high octane gasoline, aviation fuel and blue hydrogen.


In addition to power, our Waste to Energy solutions produce a variety of high value, commodity products including: bio-char, base carbon, commercial grade CO2 and oxygen.


Designed, manufactured and fabricated in the USA, available worldwide.

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